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Pop Creations

Pop Creations is an innovative music production company & record label.

We are based just outside London Uk, in one of the finest recording facilities in the world.


Books available from Bob Patmore...

Bob Patmore, one of the UK's leading businessmen reveals... the answer is so simple that you've see it every time you look in the mirror.


Horses and Polo


Bob is an accomplished rider and owns several high class horses.


Bob has been trained by Michael Peace in the art of Horse Whispering.

Making the Solution Obvious

"Bob saw me work 11 years ago, with a horse that had a few problems fitting into the system.  The horse was having trouble accepting what was expected of him and as a consequence was getting himself deeper and deeper into trouble.  There was a huge rift between horse and trainer and this rift was growing wider each day with both getting further and further away from their potential solution.

Without going into too much detail my job was simply to mediate between horse and trainer and make it obvious to both what the solution to their problem was. To me this is simple and with the right approach and communication this took just a few minutes.  It looks like magic but its not.  Everything is obvious in hindsight.

Bob recognised the relevance of my work instantly and as someone with many years of experience managing people and creating sales teams he knows that the right approach is everything.

Since then we’ve had many discussions about the shared psychology between horses and humans and how the ideas of motivation, trust, responsibility, communication and perception are so incredibly relevent in all aspects of creating success for the individuals we work with."

Michael Peace


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